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Build Diary 18/19-November-05

Started work on the firewall. Fitted batterybox, master and starter relay's. Fitted various nutplates on firewall.

Drilling holes in battery box to lighten.

That's saved some weight.
Repainted as it got scuffed.

Master and Starter solanoid
Assembling the battery box.

Robert helped with the riveting on the firewall.
This is the bearing cover from one of the wheels. Helped give me a radius to trim to.
This is the battery clamp.
All the measurements on the firewall are from the center of the rivets. This is the position for the heater vent.
You can't drill thin stainless steel, so I have used a hole punch. Here I am punching a hole for the bigger hole punch for the heater vent.
Here I am using the instrument panel punch for the heater vent.

This is a busy area. The throttle hole is marked in pen, the fuel line will come through this area also.
The prop and misture controls.

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