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Build Diary 27-November-05

After a really bad week I am finally able to get back to my RV project. Building aeroplanes is far more fun than fixing house plumbing problems, especially when it involves the heating and it's in minus figures outside! I have finally planned what circuits to have on the RV, so I decided to continue the panel work by drilling the switches and circuit breaker holes. I also completed the map box. Fitted the throttle, prop and mixture controls. The shorter lead arrived from Advanced for the AF2500 engine monitor. Weather still bad, so it's just a few hours at a time in the workshop!

I have decided to fit all the switches and CB's along the lower part of the instrument panel. So they can be connected simply. It's the positioning that has taken time. The Flap switch must be close to the controls. The lighting grouped and the fuel pump away from other switches.
The switch and pull type switches have different size holes - it would have been nice if they were all the same size!
This is the end of the throttle control cable.
Something I need to get finished before continuing with the panel. The map box door. The plans show it fitted to the outside of the panel. If I recess the door it would look nice but the catch would become a problem. This is why I have left doing it - as I could not make my mind up. Finally I decided. Just stick to the plans.....
Just having half the box fitted made working on the door easier.
Door on.
Door closed.
Drilling the door catch. With door fitted to panel, to ensure they are perfectly in line.
Map box door with catch.
Mapbox done. I thought it was time I strated to assemble the panel to ensure it all fits together. I still have some parts - trim switches etc - to fit.
It's been dificult resolving what CB's are required, so I am sort one or two.
Main buzz bar fitted to first group of CB's. They are all fitted 1" appart. They could be closer but that would make the switches difficult to operate.
This was the moment - would the radio stack clear. I had measured and planned, so it should..... Perfect!

This is the ribbon cable Advanced sent me. 18" long rather than the 5ft one supplied. This is far better and is less weight! I think they sould supply the ribbon so you can make it what ever length you require.

All the toys in place. I am pleased with the spacing. I am planning to fit warining lamps above the D100 and GPS.
Still need to fit - Intercom. Not sure where yet. Under the Af2500 or here under the D100.
LOADS of space behind the panel.
Here I go again. Pleased with it so taking loads of pictures!!
The engine is fuel injected, so no carb heat control require. However I need an alternate air control - or so I have been advised. What that is I am not sure as yet. Need to hit the manuals and find out more!!!! Anyway there is space for the control next to the Mixture.
I will need to have some switch lables made. I have a possible source - again in the USA. No where here in the UK......

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