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Build Diary 03-October-05

Back on the project after a break. I now have the #6 screw countersink nut plates, so I fitted them for the inspection covers. Continued work on the HS fairing. This is made from fiberglass - it's not a great fit. it's going to take work to make it look good.

At last I have some #6 countersink nutplates.
Inspection cover fitted, with HS finish strip.
The HS fiberglass cover will need lots of trimming.

This needs some adjustment!

I found the sides of the HS fairing fitted the VS better after the front top tip was trimmed down (marked in red). This enabled the faring to fit lower and further back.
Here the holes have been drilled from faring to HS and VS, you can see the positions through the fiberglass. The fuse holes are not drilled (on the QB the holes have been filled with rivets and need to be drilled out).

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