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Build Diary 04-October-05

A BIG day today. I ordered the engine for the project and placed my deposit. I could have it within two weeks but they will hold on to it until I am ready for it.

This evening I continued work on HS fairing.

The faring needs to be trimmed to fit above the inspection panel. I drilled the fixing holes before trimming, to ensure it stayed in place.
There are ripples in the faring. I will add some fiberglass to stiffen this area up. Hopefully this will improve the finish.
I refitted the elevator as the faring needs to fit around the elevator horn.
I used a hole cutter to get a nice curve for the elevator horn cut-out.
Back on to check the fit around the elevator horn.
There is space around the horn as I want to be able to view the elevator control nuts and bolts during the preflight check.

Wondering what this is about? I needed to find the center of the faring for the forward hole. I also wanted to ensure the trimming at the front was even on both sides. I made this template of one side, I then flipped it over to trace the same shape/pattern on the otherside. This also ensured the center hole was correct. Its not easy to align as the rudder is off-set.
The faring is almost completely trimmed to size. Just some tidying of the edges required.
The front trimming.

The plans show the lower finish strip fitted over the faring.
The faring and finish strip fitting above the inspection panel. All the holes go through the inspection panel. This little panel is going to have eight fixing screws!!

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