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Build Diary 01-Apr-06

Collected Cessna this morning from RAF Halton, took off RW 25 heading 24 all the way back to Popham landing on 26 with 15 knots down the runway. It was a slow trip! In the workshop in the afternoon continued work on the baffles. Made spacer, brackets and joddled joint

Left rear baffle, spacer to block. Just under the engine mount cut-out. I added the rivets to hold it in place, as it is very fiddly to put the bolt through and hold spaced and baffle.
The spacer should be 1/4" thick.
This part is upside down in the picture. The joint between the two parts, I found the lower rivets touch the cylinder fins so they need to be flush.

Frount mount left, below inlet floor. I decide to trim some of the mount.
Rear right baffle mount, this was just a thin mount made of the same material as the baffle walls. So I decided to add some material.

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