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Build Diary 02-April-06

Collected Cessna this morning from RAF Halton, took off RW 25 heading 24 all the way back to Popham landing on 26 with 15 knots down the runway. It was a slow trip! In the workshop in the afternoon continued work on the baffles. Made spacer, brackets and joddled joint

This part holds the two parts - front and rear left baffle section - together.
I painted where parts will be jointed together, as I will paint the whole completed part.
I increased the size of this reinforcement.
Started riveting front left baffle together.
Underside of front left baffle.
Rear right baffle.
Right rear baffle showing the additional reinforcements I added.
I reveted the reinforcement to the original bracket.
I added this because the hole in the baffle kit was slightly off position, I needed to plate the area. So I thought it worth adding some additional reinforcement. The metal is the area I cut out for the oil cooler.

UPDATE: I later changed this area and added the heater hot air inlet.

Spacers need making up. I used washers as the spacer is slim and the holes are slotted.
Oil cooler fitted.
The lower fitting I found fitted better pointing down and towards the cylinder.
Front right baffle.

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