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Build Diary 04/12/13-April-06

Fitting the air box to the fuel injection servo - had a break between to go to Sun N Fun in Florida.

Here I am checking alignment of airbox with cowl.

Checking the cowl clearance while taking the cowl on and off.
The airbox needs to be trimmed to clear the cowl when fitting.
This shows the top of the airbox need to be raised up. I initially thought of taking the spacer out from the servo to engine block. However the bottom of the airbox fits so the upper part needs to be joddled up.
The airbox needs to be over to one side to clear the cowl.

Tabs holding the filter in place.

I have centered the alternate air door. The black line marks the filter position.
Drilling hole for alternate air door.

Alternate air door. I have marked the latch tab in black.
Latch tab bent into position.

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