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Build Diary 24-April-06

A number of odd jobs this evening. Ran the wires for the EGT probes, fitted firewall ball joint for the prop control. Fabricated and fitted the fuel pump overflow, fitted the exhaust heat sheald. Fitted Heat muff to firewall control duct hose. Fitted clamps to engine breather. Adjusted top oil cooler hose outlet position..

Fitted eyeball to prop control cable through the firewall. This came from Vans, you drill the centre to the size you require.
Fuel pump overflow pipe. Just warm it slightly and it's posisble to push it fully onto the fuel pump overflow pipe. Allow a little slack before clamping to the engine frame.
The Fuel pump overflow pipe clamped to the engine frame.
Re-positioned the top oil cooler. Fitted clamp on fuel pipe.
Exhaust heat sheald.

UPDATE: This is the heat sheald supplied in the Firewall Forward kit, I replaced it with a larger one I got from Aircraft Spruce.

Heater hose fitted to Cabin Heat Muff.
Hose fitted to cabin vent.
I later tie-wrapped the hoses to keep them in place. Remember not to keep them too taught.
This picture shows the engine breather hose. But it also shows the engine rev counter take-off blank. This came from Andair. It's better as it allows you to wire lock it off. Not that the convential RPM cable has the ability to wire lock - but then you would spot it quite quickly if it did, and it would not go missing!!

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