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Build Diary 28-Apr-06

Continued work on wiring and instrument panel. Fitted starter warning lamp, and connector for GPS. Also fitted control cable for park brake and heater vent. Checked positioning of alternate air control.

I decided to fit the park brake control over here (marked below) to keep it close to the pilot. To ensure it is not accidentaly applied.
Starter warning & brake control (has plastic bag still covering control) fitted.

I fitted the starter warning lamp close to the start switch.

UPDATE (Dec'06): I have since moved the park brake position as I added a backup alternator (B&C), I repositioned the park brake next to the throttle.

I fitted the heater control on the PAX side (knob covered by bag in picture).
Full set of controls - Throttle, Prop, Mixture & Alt Air.

UPDATE (Dec'06): The controls in the picture are as per plans. I have since had to move the position as they got in the way of the control stick. I moved them closer to the PAX side and reduced the length of the control(PAX) stick.

I have positioned this connector on the sub panel for powering the GPS. As GPS are constanty updated there is a good chance it will be changed so I wanted to make it as easy as possible.
The rear of the GPS connector. The connections are +12v, GND, Serial IN & OUT. I will be wiring the serial to a connector on the PAX side - I have a digital camera that can be coupled to the GPS. Will help working out where I have taken pictures!.

UPDATE (Dec'06): Later on the project I decided to add a Tru-Track EZ-Pilot, so this GPS RS-232 data also feeds the EZ-Pilot.

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