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Build Diary 01/02-August-06

Tuesday evening I nipped down to the hanger to finish off the baffle seals, Mark C from the office came to see the RV (he has never seen it before) and lend a hand with fitting the cowl as it's not easy to do on your own with the new baffle seals.

Took Wednesday off work to finish off some more jobs. Fitted park brake cable wrapped some more wires in position. Checked and torqued up bolts. Replaced one fuel line as it was too close to a cover. Fitted floor center cover, pax seat and the seat belts. My panel placards have not arrived so I have printed some temporary labels for a while. With the cowl fitted I ran the engine and went for a ride - taxi test - around the airfield. Tested and bedded brakes in. It was great fun!!! Then took cowl off to check things over.

Seat foam in, the actual covered seats have not arrived yet..!!!

Temporary panel labels.

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