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Build Diary 04-August-06

INSPECTION Day - Miles my inspector came to check the RV over. Now I have a few things to sort out!!!

One problem, this oil pipe has a twist in it, and needs to be secured. Miles said if this moves, this braded hose will make a saw look like a childs toy. It will shred anything it touches.
Incorrectly Fitted.

Engine mount bolt split-pins. They were not fitted to aircraft standard. The head of the split-pin should snug in the castle of the nut, one leg should be bent back against the side of the bolt. The other back over the head of the bolt. I had to replace all the engine mount split-pins.
Picture is the lower right engine mount.

Now Correctly fitted.

I also needed to fit some washers for the split-pin to sit correctly in the castle.

Top engine mount split-pin. Now correctly fitted.
Ignition leads re-routed to provide more clearance around the backup alternator.
Cover the oil pipe brading and secure wires around it.
Another oil pipe, covered and secured.
Fuel supply line, additional wraps to keep secure and stop movement near a braded pipe.
This is the aileron trim. The wire lock connections were not satisfactory. So I used larger SS wire and double loops on the connections.

This needs to be changed.......

Double loop added, and larger SS wire....

Additional cable wrapping.
The flow meter connector needed to be secured.
The labels I have had made finally arrived. First one I fitted the PAX PTT switch.
They look really great, this is the PAX side audio panel. Mono/Stereo switch for the headset. Headset & mic connections. 12v power output and audio in for the intercom. They were not cheap to have made but I think it was worth it.
This is the instrument panel switch placard I have had made - and now I spot a mistake. I have switched the Master & Backup alternator CB's. So I will have to have to make some changes.

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