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Build Diary 04-Febuary-06

Mixed bag over this week, still disappointed with myself for messing up the instrument panel. I have fitted the manifold presure sensor on the firewall. The RPM pickup to the magneto, and started planning the fitting of the trim wiring and governor

Manifold pressure from No.3 cylinder.
I have mounted the manifold pressure sensor on the bulkhead. The flex hose from the engine is on a bracket next to the sensor - a small tube will be fitted between them.
Jo came out to help rivet the mount for the radio aerial - there were two rivets to complete it. As you can see it was a little cold in the workshop this evening.

But she got cozy and started riveting........

Looks like the heater I put on helped the cold.......

Umm, seems under the RV is not so bad........

This is the RPM sensor, it fits into the magneto. The vent on the magneto is removed and the sensor screwed in place. The vent from the magneto is the silver part in the picture.
There are no fixings on the trim governor - rubbish hey - it need to be held in place to make adjustments. I am using a P clip to hold it in place.

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