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Build Diary 7/8-Febuary-06

Continued fitting parts to engine - wiring. CHT sensors to the AF-2500 engine monitor. Fitted starter cable and Manifold sensor wiring.

The Advanced AF-2500 CHT probes. The wire is solid core.
The probes screw into the cylinder head.
While fitting the wiring for the CHT probe wiring I also fitted the starter cable.
The starter cable route.
Probes fitted to No.3 and No.1.
I have run the wiring up the mount to the top of the firewall. There will be more wires here, for the EGT probes. But I will keep the lower P clip loose. To allow for movement between the engine and engine mount.
All wires find the way back to the AF-2500 Analogue Unit. Cylinder No.2 wiring was just long enough to reach.

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