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Build Diary 10/11-Febuary-06

I had already fitted most of the baffle kit - to check it was compatible with the Superior engine. Decided it was time to progress the fitting, I can't do it all as I need the cowls fitted to govern the angles of the air inlet. I have been able to cut most of the parts.

While working on the engine I decided to try the alternator belt. I tried three different sizes and still don't have one fitting as I would like. As my shipment arrived from Vans I fitted the new length throttle and Mixture control.

Making up the angle for the baffle air inlet.

The starter needs to me removed to fit the alternator belt. Figure it's time to get the belt fitted before I cover the area with baffles.
The first belt - 975 - was far too long. I tried a 950 and 925. The 925 fitted but could be shorter. I will try and get a 914, but they are hard to come by.


Running to and fro after alternator belts took up two hours, and I still don't have the correct size. The motor factor is now closed, so back to work on the baffles. Fitted screw re-inforcements.
The rear baffle mount is held in place with engine casing bolts.
In my shipment the longer mixtrure control arrived, the existing one shipped with the FWF kit was a 45" the replacemnet is 50.5". It fits far better - well it actually reaches the mixture control!!

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