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Build Diary 12-Febuary-06 - (Check Page)

A replacement instrument panel arrived this week so I decide to use this weekend to get the new panel made. I was out in good time this morning and got on with making the replacement. I cut the bottom angle off the original so I could sit it on the replacement panel using it as a pattern. The extra hole where I had planned to fit the compas will no longer happen. I'm now going to fit one to the top of the panel. I did it, in one day, lots of cutting and drilling - and a big heap of swarf!!

My original - bent panel and a replacement from Vans....
After cutting the bottom off the original panel I was able to clamp it on the replacement making the work on the replacemnt far easier!!
After drilling all theses holes my arms were really aching.
One days work!! It's actually progressed slightly more than the original as I have dimpled all the holes around the top edge and map box

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