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Build Diary 13/14/15/16/17-Febuary-06

Finished remaking the instrument panel. Continued this week working on the instrument panel adding the P2 trim switch and heater control. I have run a lot of the wiring now it's time to start connecting things up. Spent most of this week working on the wiring - Radio, transponder and some work on the Advanced Engine Monitor (manifold, fuel tanks & RPM sensors). Spent all my evenings this week working on the wiring.

I decided to fit the trim switch just below the map box. It's almost central for the P2 position.
The instrument panel is really coming together. I have wired all the CB's on the main buzz bar. Drilled the holes for the intercom and the heater control cable.
The wire size required only allows one connection in to the radio connection block, so the grouping of all connections has to be made out of the block. Also if you look at the top of the picture - the radio aerial connector. I discovered the outer part had to be - soldered - to brade of the aerial cable. Horrible! It was really hard to make a good connection. To make sure I also soldered a wire to the outer brade, which I will earth to the radio chassis.

All the wiring to the radio so far is just power and power jumpers required. I have not made any of the headset, ptt or mic connections. They will be coming from the Flightcom intercom.

Not much wiring required for the Garmin Transponder. The alt information is coming from the Dynon D100 as RS232. So only two connections are needed. The other connections are for the power.

I have noted from the internet some confusion regarding 4 longer pins in the Garmin wiring kit. The longer pins are for larger gauge wire 18swg required for the power connections.

Wired in the manifold pressure sensor, fuel tank sensor wires and magneto RPM sensor.
Radio connection block and aerial connector in back of radio tray.
Transponder connections.

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