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Build Diary 18-Febuary-06

Started work on intercom wiring. The intercom is stereo, with stereo music input. So there is lots of wire and connections.

Stereo music input connector, with heat shrink fitted. This is going on the PAX side by the headset connections. I will be connecting an iPod Nano (as the normal harddrive iPod may not last!) for my music source.
Just the start of the intercom wiring - Headset and PTT.....
All the wires have to go into the 25way D connector on the back of the intercom. Lucky I only have the Pilot and CoPilot to wire in, this intercom is a four place intercom! The hard part of the wiring is connecting all the screening and making sure it does not touch anything it should not!
I fitted the bezel around the start/magneto switch. I have toyed with the idea of placing the park brake near the switch as it would be in good view.
UPDATE: I later decided not to fit the park brake control here. I placed it next to the throttle control.

The Pilot position. There is room for more, but I am undecided what! Some of my thoughts - GPS data output, Dynon D100 data port or just a power connector - maybe usefull for powering headsets..?!?!
UPDATE: I actually added later the RS232 for the Dynon and a small power connector.

The PAX side with additional connections for music input and power connector - this will be used for an Ipod Nano holder (fits into standard car lighter socket and powers iPod). I am using the iPod Nano for the stereo input - Nano rather than standard Ipod as the solid state may last longer than the hard drive version.
The instrument panel gradually taking shape.....
UPDATE: I later damaged this instument panel trying to fit a card style compass. When I re-made it I moved the position of the intercom.

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