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Build Diary 25/26-Febuary-06

Even more wiring this weekend, but I think I have the bulk of it done now. I have the wiring for the elevator and aileron trim controls and display's into the Advanced analogue unit.
Saturday afternoon, friend and fellow RV builder Jerry came over to see how I was getting on. I was really usfull as some areas I was unsure of the best position to place things. So it was worth asking another builder - and somebody who has flown his RV for more than four years.
Fitted pitot line in fuse to instrument, and transponder aerial.

I made a bracket to hold control stick D connector. I have fitted a D connector to the wires out of the control stick.
Fitting pitot line.

UPDATE: I later decided to use the Dynon pitot tube and AOA probe. So I also used the fitting kit of pitot and AOA lines. Therefore this pitot line was replaced with two, one the AOA and the other the pitot. There were coloured green and blue for easy identification and can be seen later in my build diary.

UPDATE: This pitot line with connection has been replaced with the SafeAir1 kit. I kept the static as it is in the picture.
I have routed the pitot (and later the AOA line) to the back of the footwell (corner of firewall). Held in position with P clips. The one on the floor was very hard to fit.
The P clips hold the line in place. I also fitted the Classic Aero carpet which has also held the line in place really well.
The line and aerial cable can be seen in the picture. There is a bracket and cover in front of the spar to still go in place which hides them both.
This is the MAC stick. I have wired all the switches and added a countersunk screw to ensure the grip does not come away at the wrong time!!
I decide to fit a connector block under the floor for all the wing connections. In my workshop I am unable to leave the wings fitted. Plus I need to transport to the airfield! So to keep the connections tidy and be able to test the electrical system I fitted the connector block each side.
These are the connections for the trim servo. I used the pins from a crimp 'D' connector to make the joints. So if it needs replacing it should be a case of unbolting and disconnecting.
Transponder aerial in the PAX footwell.
Transponder aerial.
Radio aerial. This is under the P1 seat, while the transponder aerial is in front of the spar on PAX side.

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