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Build Diary 27/28-Febuary-06

Still running wires and connecting things up! But I am close to completing the work. Wiring in the trim and stick control switches, and adding avionics master.

I have installed a P clip to ensure the wiring will not go near the aileron controls etc.
Today I decided to add a switch for a master avionics. As the Dynon powers up as soon as power is available - therefore when the master is switched on the D100 powers up. I decided I didn't want it powered up during engine start. Also discovered the intercom does not have an on/off switch.

As you will see I have used CB's, some builders think fuses are better - I don't - and I don't like all the additional connections. I prefer to keep it simple with the buzz bar along the CB's and then one connection off to the device being powered.

After adding the avionics master and putting the instrument panel back in. I have had to reorganise the CB's and switches. Ran power for the trim and trim indicator wires to the AF2500. The connections in the picture are for the control stick. They will be fitted into a 9way D connector.

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