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Build Diary 13-January-06

Friday 13th, perhaps I should have stayed out of the workshop! Decided to fit the intercom today as I need to plan the wire routes and headset positions. It didn't go very well, as I broke one of the screws off in the case of the intercom and scratched the face plate.

I decide to keep in line with the switches at the bottom of the panel.
Screw busted off in intercom. The screws holding the small front panel on the intercom are #4. In the same packet are some #6 screws to hold the instrument panel adaptor plate. They are look the same! I mixed them up... The screw was tight but I thought it was a stiff-nut type so ket turning. It broke off!!

UPDATE: I later moved the position if the intercom.

Trying to free off the screw the nutplate came away from the case.

I contacted Flightcom to see if I could get a new case, but never got anywhere with them. So I bought some small #4 nutplates and riveted in place (later in the diary).

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