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Build Diary 17-January-06

Finished cutting holes on PAX COMM connectors position and started position for pilot side COMM connectors.

I got a hole cutter to cut out the power socket.

UPDATE: Later I fitted another smaller power connector above this lighter style socket. It will be used to power things like noise cancelling headset.

The PAX side COMM connections.
The pilot side rivets, they follow further down from the air vent bracket rivets.
Not sure about fitting the power connector on the P1 side. I may use the space for the park brake control.

UPDATE: I later added the RS-232 socket for the Dynon. The park brake went next to the throttle.

I should also note. This panel for the COMM connections has also replaced the bracket that holds the air vent in place. I have just extended the rivet holes and spacing further down.

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