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Build Diary 08-July-06

At the hanger early Saturday morning and worked all day then back home to the workshop to complete a few jobs on the bench.

Ran all the cables into the wing. It was hardwork!
I purchased a box trailer for my mobile workshop, I have all my tools, compressor and ALL my parts crates fitted into the trailer. This enables me to have everthing with me but also means I am not leaving my tools and kit unattended in the hanger - plus I have everthing at home when I need it!
Now the wing control surfaces are fitted I can fit and drill the wing tip - this ensures it lines up with the control surfaces.
Dynon pitot and AOA, on Gretz mount. Ready to fit - now the wing is on.
The AN fitting to connect the pitot tube the flexible pitot line.
Flairing the line for the AN fitting - can you see what's wrong?
The AN fittings need to be fitted before flaring with the flaring tool.

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