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Build Diary 05/06/07-July-06

Back from holiday, the project is at the hanger but I still have some jobs to complete at home. I had planned the move to the hanger carefully to ensure I had some jobs I could complete at home.

Right wing tip with nav and strobe light fitted. I had to cut lense and fit lamp unit to the wing tip.
Right wing tip.
Rear of the strobe/nav light.
I have decided to fit the wing tip with #6 screws as my EZ Pilot servo sits in the end of one wing. It would look odd if one was fitted with rivets and the other screws.

I drilled the wing tip fitted to the wing, as the pilot holes are on the wing. I have used a strip of metal to hold the nut plates and reinforce the fiberglass.

Left wing tip, cutting the holes for the nav/strobe lamps.

It took a long time to cut/shape the wing lense.
Fitting the mass balance weights on the elevators. I had left them off as it was easire to store the parts with them off. But I lost the bolts and had to order some replacements.

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