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Build Diary 15/16-July-06

Saturday and Sunday at the hanger. Started by fitting the wing tips I had been working on during the week. I then had to empty the fuel tanks - I had filled them calibrating the fuel guages and forgot I need them to be empty for the weight and balance to be performed.

Fitted rudder and elevators, HS end caps and VS top cap. I also discovered a fuel leak on the right wing tank. The fuel sender was leaking, so had to reseal it. Run update on Dynon D100. Fitted and wired elevator electric trim motor. Connected and adjusted the elevator control, and discovered the control stick hits the throttle control. Fitted wing to fuse cover on left side, didn't fit right side as I need to check the tank is not leaking. Riveted the internal spar fuse brace.

Rudder top cap fitted.

I finally plucked up the corrage to have a look at the finished front of the canopy!! I am very pleased with the finished results.

After all the work over the week I was able to final fit the wing tips.
Fitted rudder top cap and rudder.Not completely happy with the finish on the rudder top cap so will take it off and work on it during the week
Fitted elevators.
Finished elevator mass balance weight.
Fitted connectors and wired the elevator trim motor. I am using computer connectors. One three pin and one two pin so they will fit through the hole for the wire in the rudder.
Three pin & two pin computer type connectors.

Sunday, lovely sunny day. Outside in the sun working on the RV. Fitted the HS end caps.
Fitted and adjusted the elevator trim control rod.
I routed the trim wire out of the end of the elevator. The wire is covered with a protective cover. On the bolt behind is not a nyloc, I fitted a normal nut first just in case I had to take it off again.
My elevator horns are almost level, not all are!
Really looking complete now. Checking the rudder stops.
My elevator horns are almost level, not all are!
I started fitting the right wing finish strip and spotted the fuel tank sender was leaking.
This is what I discovered under the right wing. I was really worried until I investigated and realised it was the fuel sender that was leaking... fixable!
BIG problem!!! Adjusting the elevator controls I discovered the throttle control will get in the way of the stick. I should have had the throttle in the next hole and the alternate air where the throttle is.
I can't leave it like this!!!
It took a long time to fit the spar/fuseside trim, lots of blind rivets!!

Looking complete!! Awaiting the delivery of the interior.

I decide to install the latest Dynon update, it was quite straightforward.

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