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Build Diary 18/19/20-July-06

Some preparation work in the garage this week ready for another hard long weekend. Tuesday evening I went to the hanger to get the engine control panel off so I could make a new one. To reposition the throttle to ensure it is clear of the control column. Also fitted the top cowl oil door and top coat painted the new control panel, spar/floor covers & fuel boost pump cover.

I had planned to fit the rear strobe/light on the lower rudder fiberglass cap. But I have no idea how I will be able to fit the nuts on the lower screw. So I have actually decided to leave it as I don't want to hold things up. Will do it later.
I had already rough cut the oil door hole, now I tidied it up......
Fitting the cowl half of the door hinge.
Oil door trimmed, fitting to the hinge.
Door hinge fitted and catch holes cut.
Oil door riveted.
Oil Door with catches. I have left the clips off the catch so they can be removed for painting.

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