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Build Diary 31-May/01-June-06

As I have been working on the cowl fiberglass I decided to do some work on the leg faring.

The black line is where I have trimmed the air inlet down to. It now fits well with the airbox.
As I am doing fiberglass work I decided to look at fitting the leg faring.
You cut the template out for the aircraft you are working on - RV7. Lay it around the faring and trim to size.
Trim lines.
One trimmed to size.
A quick trial fit.

The fitting around the cowl will be better, but I can not adjust this until the leg faring has been adjusted.

Slots for fitting faring to leg with clamp.
Fitting piano hinge. This holds the two halfs together.

Riveting the hinge in place.

Quick trial fit, this needs to be aligned (Vans instructions) and may need adjustment after flight test.

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