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Build Diary 30-May-06

The mixture control John (my friend in America) sent arrived today, and I fitted it. Another issue solved, and I can now progress other areas. Trimmed down the air inlet on cowl and FAB air box. Trial fitted. Also connected alternate air control.

I was very pleased to receive the engine mixture control today.
I was straight outside to fit the mixture control I received today.
You may notice I have added a larger heat sheald to the exhaust. As the fuel line is not far away.
Fitted control cable to the alternate air door.
This shows the top of the airbox need to be raised up. I initially thought of taking the spacer out from the servo to engine block. However the bottom of the airbox fits so the upper part needs to be joddled up.
I trimmed the air inlet on the cowl, and trial fitted the cowl to check alignment to the airbox.
Inlet, the airbox is fitted.

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