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Build Diary 29-May-06

Worked on the cowl air intake today. The intake needs to be made level with the inner part of the cowl - just above the intake. This is to allow the air filter box to fit better. I have noticed some builders have not extented the intake, I almost didn't as I was able to make the air box fit. But decided today to do the extension as per plans.

As a former I used this hard foam block - supplied in the airbox kit. I cut it and wedged it in place.
I then cut and shaped the hole I wanted to form with fiberglass.
As I was mixing resin I made the lower cowl fixings ready to bond into place.
Here is my first two layers of fiberglass layed into place. I used a 50mm strip. This is too wide but I will be trimming it down later.
While I left the resin on the cowl to dry I moved on to another job. Fitting the backup alternator (B & C SD-8).
This is where the vacume pump would normally be fitted. But I am fitting a backup alternator as I don't have any vacume instruments
The B&C (SD-8) backup alternator fitted. This is where I discovered the orange area of the alternator rotates with the engine. This is a pain as I am now going to have to ensure all the cabling around it is very secure to ensure it does not get damaged.
Back to the cowl. This is the front, you can see the amount I have extended it.
The resin has gone off enough for me to chip away the hard foam.
My new cowl intake. I will trim it down slightly.
I then applied additional layers to the outside and to bond to make a good bond to the cowl.
The airbox.

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