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Build Diary 06-June-06

A few odd jobs this eveing. Prepared the fuel tank senders ready for fitting. Put some paint on the canopy to help see how smooth I had finished the resin work. Fitted tank brace to fuse and riveted Gretz mount into wing.

Note: The fuel tank senders are different - and the wire to float is bent differently.

Float senders and plan.


The three markings, two are bends and the last where the wire is cut off.
Clearly marked to ensure it is connected to the correct sender, this is the left float and wire.
Both floats ready to fit to senders - I'll do that just before I fit to the fuel tank.
I put some paint on the canopy to help see how smooth I had the resin filler
After painting I riveted the mount in place.
While priming some other parts I also did these tank brackets.

Fitted fuel tank mount to fuse.

I decided I should prime more area on the other side....

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