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Build Diary 07-June-06

I took a day off work today, and my order from SafeAir1 arrived - with my Trio EZ Pilot - this is what the panel is waiting for. Lots of jobs completed today.

I decided to (solid) rivet the side vents in place, some builders have used blind rivets or bonded them in place.
I fitted some alli strips behind the plastic vent.
Right hand fuse fuel tank mount.
I used paintable panel seal to ensure a water tight seal on the vent.

While at home today I got a letter from Royal mail regarding a parcel that needed duty and tax paying. To cut a long story short they would not clear it until I had paid the duty. I should not pay duty on aircraft parts and I have an end-use number to ensure the correct charges but they said there was not one on the parcel...... It was on all four sides!!!!
My Trio Avionics EZ Pilot has arrived, along with a kit to install the Dynon AOA probe.
Nice box of tricks - now will it fit in the position I have on the panel.
The green pipe is from the pitot for the airspeed - to Dynon and ASI.

I have added this protective cover where the pipe may possibly rubb.

The EZ pilot is located below the engine monitor.
The pitot and AOA pipes coming out of the fuse at the left wing.
I have P clipped the pipe to keep it in position around the pedals.

I fitted protective wrap on the corner.

The EZ Pilot fitted perfect into the position I had prepared on the instrument panel.

Fitting the center cover and heater vents.

The control cables pass through a cover here. This enables the central vents and cover to be removed without having to disconnect the control cables.
The cover where the controls will pass through.

The three holes for throttle, mixture and alternate air.
Controls all connected and covers in position.

The plans show the bolt in this direction, however I have the straight connector. So I reversed the bolt.
Testing and checking the mixture control have full movement.

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