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Build Diary 08-June-06

Started to rivet top skin into place - this is the last skin to be fitted! Jo is going to help with the riveting as it's not possible for me to do it on my own. Sealed fuel tanks and fitted the fuel float sender - instead of using proseal I used Stag Wellseal, this will not dry hard and will enable the covers to be removed for inspection if necessary.

UPDATE: The Wellseal has worked well, I had one side not seal properly at first - around the rubber float ring - but it was easy to reseal.

Here I am marking out where the fuse floor is, this is to help me plane where the pitot and AOA lines will come into the fuse.
To be able to fit the top skin - rivet the forward row. The canopy release has to be removed, it's under the panel so it's not possible to buck the rivets.
A few rivets in place, time for Jo to help out.

The inside of the fuel tank.
Fuel float sender assembled.

The float senders are handed.

Plate ready to fit.
Cover plate with Wellseal and cork seal.
Wellseal on tank. It has to be appled to both surfaces and left for 5-10mins.

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