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Build Diary 10-June-06

Started installation of Trio EZ Pilot servo in wing (drilled parts and primed - fit later) Jo helped rivet the skin. I bucked and Jo operated the rivet gun. She did a great job the rivets are really tidy without any marks on the skin. Also fitted tail wheel today, the RV is on all it's wheels now!

TThe Trio EZ Pilot servo kit.
The servo arm needs to be changed. The replacement is the black one.
The black arm is the one to use on the RV with the Trio servo.

Arm fitted.
Fitting the reinforcement in the wing.
Time to fit the tail wheel.

Jo helped rivet the top part of the skin, now it's time to do the side.
The rivets above the map box will be difficult to get to so I will buck them from the side. Gradually working round until I cannot get my arm in.
First I fitted all the cleco's to ensure the skin would pull round. Then removed some to get my arm in.
Rivets fitted, Jo has done a really great job. especially fitting the final row - I was laying nside and she had to work really hard to ensure the skin was down tight to the lower skin. Jo is the best.....
Look at these rivets, it's all Jo's work, I didn't do any of them. I was laying inside the fuse bucking.
Top skin fitted apart from the cowl row.
I am really pleased with how the top skin rivets have gone.
Now fitting the piano cowl hinge.

Another odd job. Drilled and dimpled lower skin for #8 screws to wing.
Another odd job - I had left the fuel line to avoid it being in the way. The distance to the wing is 5 1/4".

Yet another fantastic rivet job by Jo.

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