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Build Diary 10-March-06

Another BIG DAY. The Propeller arrived from Vans today, with Jo's help I had it fitted by the evening!

A lorry arrived with this box!! I was in America a while ago, and had thought about bringing the prop back. Umm I think I may have struggled!
Really looks great, it's not going to stay in the box for long.

Fitted the front plate for the spinner - don't forget the washers or the bolts will bottom out in the holes. They need wire locking - later as it will be on and off a few times.
Back plate fitted.

Jo came out and helped me fit the prop.

The bolts took a while to do up, as each bolt could only be done a little bit at a time..

Prop on. It only arrived at lunchtime!
It's on and it only arrived at lunchtime!.

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