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Build Diary 22-March-06

Continued work on front baffle floors - completed both sides. Started on front baffle behind flywheel.

Right front baffle floor. Markings show how much has to be cut off. This is to the edge of the cowl and does not include the 3/8" for the seal - so more will be cut off, however I cut less off first and check again.
The blue part (10SC - from memory) was shown on the plans, I thought it had to be made. However when I opened the envelope with the baffle kit. Which contained the metal to make other parts I discovered this part already made. Basically if you are looking for this part it's in the envelope....
Right front bracket. The oil line cuts through part of this bracket.
Front cowl trimmed, and baffle floor angle set against cowl.
Hole cut for oil line.
Left baffle floor
The whole right front baffle assembly.
Front right baffle - underside.
Left front baffle assembly.
Front left baffle assembly.
Started on baffle behind flywheel.

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