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Build Diary 25/26-March-06

Not much work on the project this weekend. I had to collect my Cessna from the engineers on Saturday. However bad weather cause me to have to land at RAF Halton (the weather was still bad on Sunday). Somework on the baffles and riveted one cowl hinge on Sunday afternoon..

I primered where components are to join - as I will spray primer the whole component later.
Reinforcement on the underside of the right baffle riveted in place. Fixing bracket also riveted into place.
Front right baffle.
Side angle fitted.
Brackets fitted for the right baffle behind the flywheel.
The side cowl hinge is a little tricky to rivet. However when planning the hinge fitting - where the space at the bottom is tight - the eyes can be aligned so a no head rivet squeezer can be used in this difficult area.
The last rivet goes through the lower skin also - so longer rivet!
Trial fitting to ensure it still fits correctly before finishing the riveting.

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