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Build Diary 22/28/29-March-06

After a bad weekend - Aircraft stuck at RAF Halton, TV blows up, then Monday heavy winds blow the fence down. Finally I have managed to get back on with the RV.

Cowl and baffle work. The cowls have been on and off while I have checked the baffle positions and trimmed to get the gap correct. With the gap correct I have been able to start fitting the oil cooler.

Fitted lower cowl hinge. This is a tight area with the engine fram in place, so I have a small head squeezer.
This is how I was able to fit the cowl hinge with the engine mount in place. I have a squezzer with a small head, not the no head type as a no head type would not be able to get over the hinge eyes. Here you can see the standard squeezer will not fit in the tight area.
The side hinge before fitting.
It's tight at the bottom section by the leg and lower engine frame bolt.
Back to the baffles, the left front mount above the starter - note starter covered to avoid swarf deposits

Complete front left baffle, view from underside.
After trimming the top of the baffle for the correct gap between the baffle top and cowl I started fitting the oil cooler.
Check the area around the oil cooler, and access for the oil pipes. The oil cooler needs to be trimmed to clear the engine frame - details are in the plans.
Here I have trimmed the oil cooler mount to keep clear of the engine mount frame.
Marking out the oil coller cut-out on the rear baffle.
Drilling 1/8" holes all around.
Hole cut out.
Oild cooler fitted checking alignment. Note cut-out section to clear the engine mount.
View from the front.

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