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Build Diary 04-May-06

Fitted rear canopy catches. I had fitted them before but I cound after painting there was a problem - just the layer of paint caused them to catch and jam the canopy! I became suck inside for quite a while. I finally managed to free myself just as Jo arrived to see where I had got to - not come in for dinner!

After clearing the paint off the roller section of the catch it started to work. However I had made it a very snug fit - What when the canopy is in the sun and has expanded? ould it jam again. Now knowing how hard it could become to get out I have decide to make the catch a little less tight. It will not effect the security of the canopy, but should avoid any problems with it sticking.

Riveted these tabs in place today. The are mentioned in the build manual as being optional
Refitted the front skin, and discovered trying to open the canopy it catches. I had thought I had resolved this problem. But like I have found before some things change after riveting together.

Here I have started to mark where the bonding will go to on the front of the canopy. I will bond it off the fuse so I don't get resin all over the fuse.

This will look great when I get the plastic covering off!

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