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Build Diary 06/07-May-06

This weekend I decided to bite the bullet and bond the front of the canopy (the pespex to the front section of the canopy frame. I used West Systems epoxy - mixed with microfibre. See each picture for the stage text.

Canopy off, I have applied three layers of electrical tape around the font of the perspex. I have also masked off every part of the canopy just incase any resin gets on the perspex.
have cleared the entire bench to ensure nothing gets in the way or covered in resin!

I roughed the perspex and the canopy frame.
I fitted 4 tabs.

First the perspex must have the edge bonded with a seat of resin-filler (mix of resin and 410 microlight). It should be mixed to a stiff toffy - very stiff. To ensure it will not run.
The toffee mix should be squeezed under the perspex - but only just! This creates a seat for the perspex.
Here I have bridged the cap between the bottom of the perspex and the canopy frame.
Here at the side it has bulged slightly, but as it went off I pushed it back.
Now moving on to the resin, I trimmed the bristles down on this brush.
Note the extra masking just in case! This is the first layer of resin and Glass fibre tape.
I put resin behind the last part of the canopy frame and held it in position. This is one reason I did the work on the bench rather than on the airframe. It also made it easier working around the front - engine not in the way.
This is after 3 layers of Glass-fibre tape, each getting slightly wider.

I was able to work the 50mm tape round the curved side of the perspex.

After it dried I refitted the canopy to check it had all kept it's shape.
The next day - after the fiber-glass had dried.

I applied the filler to the front of the canopy, while it was drying I worked on clearing some resin from the piano hinge of the top part of the canopy.

Here I have cleared the resin that got between the hinge lugs.
A mix of resin and 410 microlight.

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