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Build Diary 22-May-06

Wired the flap motor and fitted the Ray Allen flap position sensor - wired to the Advanced AF-2500.

I break tasks like this down, as crouching in the fuse for long periods is not great. So I swap and change around jobs.

The rear brace of the flap housing. I am going to fit some cable claps to ensure the flap motor wires do not get caught up. An the flap position sensor.
The two holes are where the cable P clips will be located.
For the flap position sensor I have fitted a P clip to the flap control.
The P clip is connected via some stainless wire - that I got from Vans - to the position sensor. The wire is thin to bend in case it gets jammed but not too thin!! The rod is 11" from P clip to sensor.
I will fit a cable clamp to the end of the rod to stop it slipping out of position. You need to be carefull with the bolts holding the sensor down. Otherwise the actuator will hit them. I found some 6R6 screws from the rear screwed into the plastic case of the sensor.

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