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Build Diary 20/21-May-06

This weekend I finished painting the instrument panel and fitted it back into the fuse this weekend. The project is really coming together.

While painting the instrument panel I painted the tail wheel.
I fitted and wired in the remote compass for the Dynon.
When I first fitted the intercom the rivet nut came off. I got some small L04 nutplates.

I decide to put a second coat of paint on the instrument panel - to cover all the rivets (Thanks for all who mailed, most voted to paint the rivets).
After painting - and it dried! I started fitting- very carefully - the parts. I really enjoyed this job.

You can see clearly here how I have grouped the circuits to 'main' and 'avionics' buzz bar. This keeps it simple with minimal connections.
Another job while the panel was drying, I fitted the parts I made to hold the comms connections to both side of the fuse.

I fitted the comms to the fuse side.
The subpanel ready for the instrument panel to be refitted.
Fitted the last connections to the Advanced Analogue unit.
I drilled and added cable grommet - for something I am still about to add. This is the reason for the new hole that has appeared in the instrument panel. Not going to say what for yet!!

Sunday afternoon, the instrument panel is in. Jo came out to look. I still have the labels to add to the switches and circuit breakers. I am very pleased with it.

See the extra hole below the engine monitor. I have cut it ready for a new instrument that I don't even have yet! Brave hey?! All will be reviled in the next few days (depending upon shipping from the US - and our customs).

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