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Build Diary 17-May-06

Painted instrument panel last night, so was excited to start work on it tonight - getting the instruments fitted. Then I remembered I needed to fit the map box. I had intended to rivet the box in place then apply a second coat on the panel. However after riveting the box in place I am unsure about repainting, what do you think, take a look at the last pictures in this page and tell me.

The instrument panel just after painting.
I forgot about the map box - I had planned to paint the rear of the panel before fitting the map box, but I had intended to paint the front after fitting the map box.
I have alread painted the interior of the map box, before riveting together.
Tricky rivet sequence. First rivet the hinge to map box, then rivet to door.
Panel with map box fitted.
Now I am undecided..... Having riveted the map box to the painted instrument panel I quite like the look of the rivets on the painted panel. So I have taken a few pictures. What do you think? Go on email me and say - should I paint the panel again to cover the rivets or leave them as they are? Mail me : tim [at] gapilot [.co.uk] (remove the []). You have until Saturday to tell me.
While painting the instrument panel I also painted the tail wheel.

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