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Build Diary 10-May-06

My order arrived from Aircraft Spruce this morning, it included a B&C (SD-8) backup alternator - it was quickly fitted!

The B&C SD-8 backup alternator kit. It fits inplace of the vacume pump on the rear of the engine.
The overvoltage sensor and relay.
I mounted these on the rear of the sub-panel. Why the bracket? Well I figure the relay has a good chance of needing servicing. So with the screw heads on the otherside and nut plates holding the relay in place with over volt sensor. It should be easier to remove and replace etc.
Here is the voltage regulator (on the otherside of the panel brace) and capacitor.
The voltage regulator. I kept it low on the panel brace to ensure it's possible to maintain when the top skin is in place.
The CB's for the alternators.

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