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Build Diary 14-May-06

Just a short day in the workshop today. I had some visitors - RV8 builder David and his wife. Then we went to the Popham RV fly-in. When I got back I finished fitting the ignition leads and (primer) painted the instrument panel.

You can't get Davids attention from the plane to even take a picture!!
I needed to alter the angle of the fuel inlet to the fuel servo. Top one: The replacement for the fuel outlet servo
I started fitting the ignition leads, the kit came with the tabs to hold them to the cylinder heads. I will need to add one on the corner of the baffle to ensure the leads do not rub.
I am multi tasking again! Here I have stripped the plastic off the instrument panel and prepared for painting. I will continue with something else while this is drying.
The parts I have accumulated to be painted. The seat back needed to be re-done as it had run slightly! Also the tail wheel parts - they are steel but this primer is compatable with alli and steel.

I mixed 300ml of primer, and just ran out before I could do the top skin. However I need to do the reverse side of the baggage compartment panel and a second coat on the tail wheel components so I will do some more tomorrow evening.

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