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Wings on about to roll out of the hanger for first engine start.

Roberts RV6, we stop for fuel on the way to the RV fly-in at Colmar.

The way to fit split pins properly -
Aviation Standards!!

Fitting a Dynon D100.

Installing Superior IO-360.

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Vans RV7 build Helpers
I am working on this project 90% of the time on my own, however from time to time I do need an extra set of hands - which is mostly Jo. How ever when people visit us they usually whant to be involved. Here are the people who have helped out along the way.

Undertaking such a large project as the RV, and especially in the timescale could only be acheived with the support of my partner Jo. If it was not for Jo I could and would never have built this aeroplane. Not only has Jo run the household entirely - I have not visited Tesco's more than twice in two years and the only place I hoovered was the garage. Over and above all this, as soon as I needed any help riveting she was right there! Jo has been as equally commited to building as if she was driving every rivet. Thanks Jo, I love you very much if it were not for you, I would not now be flying our RV.
John M
John - retired commercial pilot - is building an RV6. Having recently moved to the area I have been lucky finding John just up the road. He is great for advice, training (he taught me to rivet) and loan of the odd tool. John came over and helped with the wing alignment. He is a stickler for accuracy, he helped set the wing to within 0.05 degree accuracy.
Jo's nephew. Aleix came to visit and helped construct the set backs - a superb vice grip and rivet inserter. His previous build experience is Technics & Lego. He also thinks "this could be a plane one day".
Jerry, aircraft engineer. A friend from Sibson day's, it was his RV6 that first brought me into the RV world. Jerry helped check out the kit I purchased and assisted with the removals. Jerry is also telephone support....!.
Tony is Jo's father. I am sure he thought I was a little mad when I said I wanted to build an aeroplane in my garage. But when he came to visit he thought I wasn't as crazy as he first thought and wanted to get involved. So he helped close the second wing. Now he keeps asking about who will fly it first.......
Robert is possibly the person most responsible for me starting to build an RV. He built an RV6 (G-ORVG) Quick Build after going for a ride in Jerry's. A week after building his he took me for a flight and that's where my RV experience started, he also took Jo for a ride when I had almost decided to build, this made Jo's mind up which ultimately helped me to make the final decision to go ahead!!
John W (International)
John is the international arm of the project (WhiteCommercial Grain Merchandising and Aircraft Parts Center - Florida), he has been really helpfull receiving shipments for my visits and bringing parts over on his visits. He has also squeezed a few rivets on one visit and is currently receiving expert instruction on all aircraft techniques from his good friend Tony.
Mark only came over to drop his partner Josie off to see Jo. However after a quick visit to the garage I soon put him to work. Handy as I had been thinking I would need an extra set of hands to to the wheel farings.
My PFA Inspector Miles is a cool character patitently looking over every rivet and split-pin. "Sorry the split-pins are not fitted to an aviation standard, shame about that engine mount one being in such a difficult place!".