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Wings on about to roll out of the hanger for first engine start.

Roberts RV6, we stop for fuel on the way to the RV fly-in at Colmar.

Fitting a Dynon D100.

Installing Superior IO-360.

Paint Information
Here is some information on the paint I used on my kit. What primer is an imotive subject on the builders forum!

The paint was originally marketed by ICI, it is now Nexa. The supplier I have shown the prices for below is Brown Brothers.

  • Primer - Nexa P565-625 - 1litre £21.91 +vat
  • Primer activator - Nexa Standard Activator P275-124 - 5litres £56.06 +vat

The primer and activator use to be available in 1L tins, however it is now only available in 5L - primer and activator. To paint the whole project will take approx 4L so it's worth buying 5L. The primer/activator mix is 50/50 - but please check the handling and mixing instructions on the Nexa website. Here are some other products you will need to paint your project.

  • Gunwash (to clean the spray gun) - 5 Litres £3.99 +vat
  • Nexa Cleaner and Degreaser - 5 Litres £22.87 +vat
  • Mixing Cups (to mix paint) pack of 50 £4.99 +vat
  • Etch Primer Aerosol 450ml £8.00
  • Masking Paper, large roll £10.00

Interior Top Coat. 2 Litres should be sufficent to paint the cockpit area. The mix I am using is 3 parts paint, 1 part hardener & 1 part thinner (less thinner can be used). But read the data sheet as there are different speed hardeners and mixes possible:
  • Nexa Autocolor Turbo Plus P488-55F5 (55F5 is the colour code, grey) 1litre £49.77
  • Nexa Turbo Plus Medium Thinner P850-1392 - 1 Litre £11.15
  • Nexa Turbo Plus Medium Hardener P210-822 - 1 Litre £48.76

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