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Wings on about to roll out of the hanger for first engine start.

The way to fit split pins properly -
Aviation Standards!!

Fitting a Dynon D100.

Installing Superior IO-360.

Painting My RV7
After spending all this time building my RV7 I decided to have it professionally built as I could not do a great paint job! There are a few good aircarft painters in the Uk and I decide to use Mick Allen at Turweston. He will allow me to strip and reassemble myself.

02-Jun-07 Mick Allens paintshop.
After missing my original slot last month due to weather, as soon as I got the chance I delivered II to Turweston and striped it down ready for painting.
As it is the first time my RV has been painted all parts that can be removed need to be removed..
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