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Wings on about to roll out of the hanger for first engine start.

Roberts RV6, we stop for fuel on the way to the RV fly-in at Colmar.

GO-7 G-OVII flying gear
John sends me some go-7 branded flying gear

Fitting a Dynon D100.

Installing Superior IO-360.

GO-7 Diary 2007,08
I have finished building, so now will keep a flying Diary.

3/4-Mar-07 John Visits
My good friend John who has helped out with shipping parts from America came over to visit and see the RV. Unfortunatly the weather was not suitable to go for a flight.
20-Apr-07 David is my first passenger after Jo.
David has followed the progress of my build on this site. He is building a Vans RV8. The weather was not great so we stayed local to Thruxton.
21-Apr-07 Robert comes for a trip.
Robert, I always say is the person responsible for me building an RV after he took me for a ride in his RV6. We go to Gloucestershire - somewhere I have never been before. Then to Turweston and back to Thruxton.
29-Apr-07 Aleix comes flying in the RV
Not unused to flying - commercially, however, he has never come flying with me. So, on Sunday his mum gave permission for him to come flying with me. He is also the first person in the family - apart from Jo - to come flying in the RV since I have finished building it. Aleix had a go flying and was so good I decided he should have a car driving lesson as well!
Mick Allen is working on my exterior painting.
Aug-08 Flight to Spain
After weeks of bad weather and a defective starter motor G-OVII lifts off from Thruxton at 8:00am heading for Lydd. This story really starts in 2004. Jo and I had planned a week off to go and fly somewhere new. Jersey and maybe down the Atlantic coast of France. This ended up with a trip from Popham to Valencia in Spain via Jersey, La Rochelle and San Sebastian. Upon our return we agreed it was a great trip but would be nicer in something faster than a Cessna 150! Back to present day and I lift off with Jo in our Vans RV7 that we have built together after our trip to Spain. The past few weeks weather have caused me to rethink the route.
11-Oct-08 Formation Flying
The RV group has organised some formation training. I went along to the October session at Northweald.